2040 Comprehensive Plan Update

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Update June 13th 2018

Please see to the left for the final draft of the City of Forest Lake 2040 Comprehensive Plan and the accompanying appendices. The Comprehensive Plan is a guide for the city’s future, offering a community vision of how the city plans to manage growth and change. The documents are in draft form and subject to change. There will be a Planning Commission public hearing on June 27th at the City Center, with the intention of a City Council review of the documents in July. 

This stage of public review is not a final review. The draft plan still needs to be reviewed by surrounding communities and the Metropolitan Council. Formal adoption of the Plan is not expected until early 2019.

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Plan it like you mean it!

The City of Forest Lake is updating its 2040 Comprehensive Plan.  This plan defines the vision, goals, and aspirations for the long-term development of the City.

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

A Comprehensive Plan is our guide that defines our vision and goals for both public and private investment in long-term development and redevelopment of the community. The plan is intended to identify needs for utilities, housing, parks and open space, shape land use and transportation patterns, and conserve natural resources.

 The City of Forest Lake's Comprehensive Plan will address the following:

  • Housing needs
  • Future land use
  • Economic opportunities
  • The lakes and our other natural resources
  • Transportation
  • Parks and trails
  • Public and individual utilities
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